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    Work Uniforms by Maple Avenue

    Whether you’re an HVAC service technician,  big box retail sales associate, or a Green Bay Packer, you’ve got one thing in common: a work uniform.

    Work uniforms are a great way to ensure your employees are comfortable and look professional while working. They create a cohesive, polished look that helps customers identify employees by sight — particularly important in the hospitality and retail industries, where first impressions matter. This helps foster trust and loyalty.

    Because work uniforms typically incorporate company logos and colors, they serve as a great way to promote your brand. They promote a sense of equality and unity among employees and take the guesswork out of deciding what to wear each morning, saving the time and hassle that accompanies choosing clothing. Work uniforms save employees money they would otherwise spend on clothes, too.


    Work Uniforms for Employees

    The Maple Avenue Uniform Program provides your staff with a selection of professional work uniforms that are stylish, comfortable, and consistent with your brand. We’ll build you a custom online company store or portal where your employees can log in and order from a pre-chosen selection of work uniforms specific to your business needs.

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    How to Get Started

    The Maple Avenue staff works closely with you, asking questions and getting a feel for your business, to help build a custom program for your employees. Getting started is easy: choose a color as a baseline and expand from there! You might offer a specific style, such as a polo shirt, or a variety of options for different positions within your organization. Your work uniforms don’t have to be limited to shirts; we offer a wide variety of apparel for men and women, including coats, sweaters, vests, hats, and pants, from some of the top names in workplace clothing and accessories.

    There’s no extra charge for setting up and managing your company store; everything is included in the pricing — including custom embroidery and/or screen printing for your work uniforms. Contact Us today for more information!

    Company Stores

    Maple Avenue provides your team with an end to end online store. Employees can order uniforms and other branded apparel and promotional items quickly and easily. The online company store gives your team 24/7 access to ordering.

    Our team is there to offer ordering and sizing support. We will streamline everything your team needs.

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